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Wired: The Future of Open Source

Monday, June 29, 2009

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The result has been an unprecedented outpouring of creative works. As of early June, for instance, more than 3.6 billion photographs had been uploaded to Flickr alone. As the best of those works are now making their way into the broader cultural landscape, they're breaking mass media's stranglehold on the ownership of meaningful content.

Artefatica at BookCamp Toronto

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

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Six months into the open publishing experiment. How's it going? In June 2009, Artefatica attended BookCamp Toronto. We started with an overview of what Artefatica is, the ideas we're toying around with, and what we're trying to accomplish. Then I talked about our first project and facilitated a 30-minute discussion on authorship, sharing, open culture, and using Creative Commons.

The Roerich Garden Project

The Roerich Garden Project, Nicole Fournier: Live Dining

The website for our first project is live.
We're still working on it but would love
your feedback and contributions.

Open Images

The Roerich Garden Project book team has
collected almost 1000 community-generated
images for you to use and share.
Check them out ยป

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