Artefatica at BookCamp Toronto

Tue, Jun 23, 2009


Six months into the open publishing experiment. How’s it going? In June 2009, Artefatica attended BookCamp Toronto. I (Christine Prefontaine — BTW I really did try to write this in the third person but it felt too creepy) started with an overview of what Artefatica is, the ideas we’re toying around with, and what we’re trying to accomplish. Then I talked about our first project and facilitated a 30-minute discussion on authorship, sharing, open culture, and using Creative Commons.

BookCamp Toronto

Here’s the session description from the BookCamp website:

Artefatica: An Open Publishing Experiment. Christine Prefontaine, Artefatica. Everything Artefatica produces — from original works to remixes to new versions of the classics — is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license. The vision: Projects that bring people together around a compelling theme, spur creativity and dialogue, and contribute to the commons. Collaborative teams producing a series or artefacts — books, swag, artworks, websites, events. Readers as participants, engaging, contributing, and building on each work. But is it really possible to create books without boundaries? This session will review what we’ve learned in the process of creating our proof-of-concept project.

There were about 40 participants and, despite it being waaaay too early in the morning, I was really pleased with the way it went. Especially because I’m terrified of public speaking and really wanting to get over that and practice my facilitation skills. And overall BookCamp was an amazing success. Great organization, speakers, and participants. Here are but a few of the post-conference blogs.

The Book Oven debrief (Hugh McGuire)
Books on the Radio
418QE (James Cadwell)
Sir Wilfred Laurier Press
The National Post
Annick Press
The Library Bazaar (Fiacre O’Duinn)
Confessions of a Science Librarian (John Dupis)
Mark Blevis
Threepress Consulting (Liza Daly)

My favorite though is we all went nuts using Twitter. The tag #bcto09 was shared ahead of time and well-publicized. This made real-time social reporting a snap, which led to fun, back-channel conversations that made it easy to connect with others afterward.

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