Artefatica makes books without boundaries.

We publish open content. Everything we produce, whether it’s totally original or remixed, is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license.  This means anyone can copy it, build on it, and share it with others — as long as they acknowledge where it came from and let others do the same with the new work they create.

Each one of our projects brings together a group of people who work together to create a series of artefacts — objects and experiences anchored around a book. Projects emerge from the vision of one or more people: a writer, a designer, an editor, an artist. Artefatica then helps pull together a team and facilitates production.

Artefatica celebrates creativity, community, and collaboration — while contributing the commons. (Wheh! So many C’s!) We publish new work as well as remixes of existing content. Collaboration is embedded into everything we do, from the way we approach production to the way we actively encourage readers to engage with and build on our work.

Artefatica was founded in 2008 by Christine Prefontaine. It grew out of an OpenEverything session and was nurtured by some really smart and generous folks at Station C (Patrick Tanguay, Daniel Mireault, Antoine Girard). Megan Poss also put in a ton of work as an intern in the summer of 2009. At this point, Artefatica is best characterized as a publishing experiment or a publishing project. One day maybe we’ll be a full-on publishing house. Or maybe we’ll just a spark that contributes to someone else doing it :)

Want more? Read our first blog posts: Artefatica 1.0 and Working Open.

The Roerich Garden Project

The Roerich Garden Project, Nicole Fournier: Live Dining

The website for our first project is live.
We're still working on it but would love
your feedback and contributions.

Open Images

The Roerich Garden Project book team has
collected almost 1000 community-generated
images for you to use and share.
Check them out »

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